Need A Pity Day EP

by The Kavanaghs

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NEED A PITY DAY When I feel those blue days waiting for break down, What is going on with you, lazy head? I can give up waiting for the times to change, Wishing to pretend I need a pity day. Waiting for you, no matter what you do. Whatever you will be or where you are. To think of you, there´s no way I can lose, That thing you do to me keeps me by your side. Waiting to break down. Words and Music by: Seba Cairo THE KAVANAGHS 2011
Road of stones I keep running on a road of stones, Waiting for the sun to call a new day, a new day I’m trying to walk away from fear, Trying to cope with the tears, The tears you left here. What I’m gonna do now with all the love I have inside? I know I’m walking alone the long and darkest night. But I can see a light shinning. I’m teaching myself to sing, While waiting for the bells to ring on a new day, a new day. I’m trying hard to believe, That God is still here with me, On a new way, on his own way. Why did you have to leave walking alone on this road? Where all the love I can give you is my feet covered with blood. But I can see a light shinning.
Psychedelic 03:01
Psychedelic I can’t tell you where I’m going; I’m sailing on a thousand rivers right now. I can’t put in words exactly what I see when I look into you kaleidoscope eyes. It’s psychedelic. All the sounds I love are here taking me higher from the ground. Surrounding me it’s the distant echo of an orchestra playing a waltz. It’s psychedelic. And I’m flying at the speed of sound right into your eyes. It would be lovely if you like to join me for tea. The sound from the bells of the tower clock will indicate the time, The time and place. No more crying for the transatlantic trauma and the distant shores. Riding on the London Public Transport Service I will get to you. It’s psychedelic. And I’m flying at the speed of sound right into your eyes.
This Time 03:24
This time Don’t hurt yourself now, Open your eyes, Let the light come in shinning bright inside of you, Only then you’ll see how beautiful you are. Don’t put the blame on you, Open your heart and let yourself know, the truth behind the lies. Only then you’ll see how beautiful you are. Don’t you tell me that your love isn’t real, Please don’t tell me so. ‘Cause I just want to believe this time


2013 EP including Need a pity day, the second hit single for the critically aclaimed Love Conquers Pain album, plus 3 unreleased tracks that were part of the album proyect but were not included on the final version.
These songs were newly recorded in early 2013.


released May 11, 2013

Produced and arranged by The Kavanaghs

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Diego Vázquez at ART Recording Studio, Rosario, Argentina. January-April 2013.
Album art by Clyckmedia.


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The Kavanaghs Rosario, Argentina

Rock and Pop band. from Rosario, Argentina.
Active since 2006, The Kavanaghs had released three albums of original material, several EP´s and 13 original christmas songs.
The band toured England in 2009 and the US in 2010 and 2012.
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